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Image of Pewter Viking Chess Set

Pewter Viking Chess Set


Chess have been played in Ireland for centuries. This bespoke pewter set evokes our Viking past with characters recalling this key period in our medieval history. The pewter achieves an evocative aesthetic making the set a beautiful ornament in any room.
Crafted in Mullingar from the finest pewter, the pieces are weighty, beautiful but also durable. Contrast between the pieces is achieved through subtle but skilled craftsmanship. One half of the set is polished to give a shiny finish; the other half is brushed to leave a more dull effect. This also highlights the beautiful detail of the pewter pieces themselves.

The individual pieces vary from pawns standing at 2.25 inches in height to the king at 3.5 inches. The board is black and ivory in colour.

This exclusive beautiful chess is the ultimate gift for lovers of the game or anyone with an interest in history or culture.

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