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Image of St Brendan's Tankard

St Brendan's Tankard

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This pewter tankard depicts the story of 'St Brendan the Navigator'. Often referred to as "the Voyager", Brendan is believed by many to have been the first European to cross the Atlantic as early as the 6th century. His story is beautifully recounted in this pewter tankard handcrafted in Mullingar.

She served as Minister for Labour in the republican government during the War of Independence. At the end of the conflict she rejected the Treaty and supported the republican side in the subsequent Civil War. This lead to her being imprisoned briefly in 1923. A founding member of the Fianna Fail party in June 1927, she died a month later at the age of 59.

The watch is faced with a relief of Markievicz, her name along with the year she was born and the year she died. Made in Ireland, the keyring is crafted from pewter in Mullingar.

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