Voices from the Easter Rising


Voices from the Easter Rising' is a vivid collection of dramatic eyewitness accounts of the events of Easter Week 1916, which detail how the Rising unfolded in Dublin and in a range of other Irish cities, towns and villages. Extraordinary first-hand testimonies from the ranks of the Irish Volunteers, the Irish Citizen Army, Cumann na mBan, the British Army, members of the public and civil servants reveal how, in the streets of Dublin and around the country, the lives of its citizens were changed forever. Drawn from previously unpublished letters, diaries, memoirs, statements from the Bureau of Military History and contemporary publications, these moving narratives undercut divides of nation, rank and gender, and provide an invaluable insight into this period of conflict. They also provide the reader with a direct and immediate portrayal of the actions and emotions of the revolutionaries and the forces they raged against. Giving voice once more to the protagonists beyond the pantheon of martyrs, for those seeking an accurate understanding of how the events of Easter Week actually took place, this is essential reading.

Ruan O'Donnell & Michael O hAodha
215 pages